Fruit & Vegetables

Photo of Bananas Cavendish

Bananas Cavendish

$6.99 per kg

Photo of Avocado


$1.99 each

SPECIAL - Save 30c
Photo of Strawberry Punnet 250gm

Strawberry Punnet 250gm

$3.75 each ($1.50 per 100g)

Photo of Capsicums Red

Capsicums Red

$10.99 per kg

Photo of Carrots


$4.49 per kg

Photo of Broccoli


$7.99 per kg

Photo of Onions Brown

Onions Brown

$3.25 per kg

Photo of Spinach Pp 100g

Spinach Pp 100g

$3.25 each ($32.50 per kg)

Photo of Zucchini Green

Zucchini Green

$8.99 per kg

Photo of Apples Royal Gala

Apples Royal Gala

$6.50 per kg

Photo of Mushrooms


$19.99 per kg

Photo of Potatoes Dutch Cream

Potatoes Dutch Cream

$3.29 per kg

Photo of Cauliflower


$7.99 per kg

Photo of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

$4.75 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes Cherry Tomato 250gm

Tomatoes Cherry Tomato 250gm

$5.49 each ($5.49 per kg)

Photo of Cucumber Continental

Cucumber Continental

$4.25 each

Photo of Apples Pink Lady

Apples Pink Lady

$6.50 per kg

Photo of Lettuce Iceberg Half

Lettuce Iceberg Half

$3.25 each

Photo of Lemons


$7.45 per kg

Photo of Spring Onions Bunch

Spring Onions Bunch

$4.50 each

Photo of Potatoes Washed

Potatoes Washed

$4.99 per kg

Photo of Kiwifruit


$1.20 each

Photo of Oranges


$3.99 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes Mini Roma 250gm

Tomatoes Mini Roma 250gm

$3.99 each ($3.99 per kg)

SPECIAL - Save $1.00
Photo of Pears Packham

Pears Packham

$6.99 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes Per Kilo

Tomatoes Per Kilo

$11.79 per kg

Photo of Cucumber Lebanese

Cucumber Lebanese

$10.99 per kg

Photo of Onions Red Medium

Onions Red Medium

$5.75 per kg

Photo of Celery Half Stick Each

Celery Half Stick Each

$3.50 each

Photo of Tomatoes Truss

Tomatoes Truss

$13.49 per kg

Photo of Beans Green

Beans Green

$22.99 per kg

Photo of Coolibah Salad Mix 100gm

Coolibah Salad Mix 100gm

$3.25 each ($32.50 per kg)

Photo of Garlic Loose

Garlic Loose

$24.50 per kg

Photo of Oranges Bag 3KG

Oranges Bag 3KG

$10.99 each ($3.66 per kg)

Photo of Broccolini Per Bunch

Broccolini Per Bunch

$4.65 each

Photo of Baby Bok Choy

Baby Bok Choy

$3.39 each

Photo of Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

$3.25 each

Photo of Cabbage Green

Cabbage Green

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Canteloupe half

Canteloupe half

$5.25 each

Photo of Capsicum Green

Capsicum Green

$10.99 per kg

Photo of Ginger


$58.99 per kg

Photo of Lettuce Ice Berg

Lettuce Ice Berg

$6.50 each

Photo of Asparagus Bunch

Asparagus Bunch

$4.69 each

Photo of Mushroom Flat

Mushroom Flat

$19.99 per kg

Photo of Beetroot Loose

Beetroot Loose

$6.50 per kg

Photo of Cabbage Red

Cabbage Red

$6.99 per kg

Photo of Pears Bosc

Pears Bosc

$6.99 per kg

Photo of Pumpkin Butternut

Pumpkin Butternut

$4.99 per kg

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